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Trump's New RNC Deal Is Paying His Legal Bills

Agreement reportedly directs money to campaign, PAC that pays his legal fees before RNC gets a cut

(Newser) - Donald Trump's new joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee directs donations to his campaign and a political action committee that pays the former president's legal bills before the RNC gets a cut, per a fundraising invitation obtained by the AP . The unorthodox diversion of funds to...

Man Running for Congress Just Hit the Jackpot

Republican Josh McConkey will fund campaign in North Carolina with his half of $1.5M winnings

(Newser) - A North Carolina physician hit it big in the lottery earlier this month, and that money came just in time for him to fund his run for Congress. WNCN reports that Dr. Josh McConkey, who's also a colonel in the Air Force Reserve, matched all five balls in the...

This Item in Boebert's FEC Filing Is Raising Eyebrows

Politico: GOP congresswoman's campaign forked over few hundred at 'Beetlejuice' date's Aspen bar

(Newser) - The headlines over Lauren Boebert's Beetlejuice date last month have mostly died down, but a new one popped up over the weekend tied to the GOP congresswoman's companion that night. Politico reported Sunday that, according to a recent filing with the Federal Election Commision, Boebert's campaign laid...

'Head-Turning' 2nd Quarter for Buttigieg: $24.8M

Indiana mayor is first Democratic candidate to announce this quarter's haul

(Newser) - If anyone had doubts that Pete Buttigieg is a serious contender for president, those doubts may dissipate after a look at the latest fundraising numbers. After bringing in a notable $7 million in his first three months of the race, Buttigieg's campaign announced Monday that they raised $24.8...

Trump Didn't End Up Spending $100M on His Campaign

He only made it about two-thirds of the way there

(Newser) - Donald Trump initially said he'd spend up to $1 billion to run for president, then cut that down to $100 million , but per campaign filings Thursday, he only made it about two-thirds of the way there. USA Today reports the total Trump ponied up was $66.1 million, according...

Cruz Didn't Disclose Up to $1M in Campaign Loans

He says he'll amend the 'filing error' as necessary

(Newser) - Banks loaned Ted Cruz as much as $1 million during his first Senate campaign in Texas back in 2012, but you wouldn't know it from campaign finance reports. While Cruz eventually disclosed the loans from Citibank and Goldman Sachs—each valued at $250,000 to $500,000—to Senate...

Bush Slashes Staff Pay for Struggling Campaign

Bush camp makes 40% payroll cut, downsizes Miami HQ

(Newser) - Donor pressure, plummeting poll numbers, and a wrench named Trump have caused Jeb Bush's campaign team to start what Reuters calls "reboot mode" and make a drastic decision: slash pay for campaign workers and downsize its Miami headquarters, leading to a 40% payroll decrease and $1 million savings...

Larry Craig's 'Wide Stance' Just Cost Him $242K

Former senator fined for improperly using campaign funds as legal funds

(Newser) - Ever feel like today's Senate scandals are missing a little je ne sais quoi ? Get ready to rock it like it's 2007 in a men's bathroom stall in the Minneapolis airport, because Larry Craig and his wide stance are back on the scene. As Roll Call...

House Speaker Blew $1M in Campaign Cash: SC Indictment

South Carolina politicians call for Bobby Harrells' resignation

(Newser) - South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell is the first sitting speaker in recent memory to be indicted. A grand jury handed down a nine-count indictment yesterday that accuses him of spending $1 million in campaign funds to pay credit card debt, the $70,000 salary of a secretary who works...

To Dump McConnell, Dems Sidle Up to Tea Party

They offer help backing right-wing 2014 challenger

(Newser) - As the Senate minority leader looks to 2014, he faces an odd couple out to beat him: Democrats and Tea Partiers. Groups like MoveOn and a Democratic super PAC, as well as individual donors, are offering Tea Party activists funding to bring in a right-wing challenger to Mitch McConnell. Come...

Costliest Election Ever: $1B for Each Camp

Obama already hits mark, and Romney is just behind

(Newser) - By the time Election Day rolls around, both President Obama and Mitt Romney will have raised more than $1 billion—making this presidential race the costliest ever seen. Yesterday's financial disclosures reveal that as of Oct. 17, Obama and the Dems had raised $1.06 billion since the start...

New Poll: Romney Leads Obama 49%-47%

 New Poll: Romney 
 Leads Obama 

New Poll: Romney Leads Obama 49%-47%

GOP ahead $46B in cash race

(Newser) - After an NBC poll found a tie at 47% yesterday, a Politico-George Washington University tracking poll today offers a different take on the presidential race that has Mitt Romney leading President Obama 49% to 47% nationally. It's the first time since early May that Romney has led in the...

At Long Last, Dems Giving to Super PACs

But they've got a long way to go to match GOP

(Newser) - After the Supreme Court paved the way for super PACs, many Democrats were uncomfortable with the idea of limitless political spending—but as Republican-backing groups rake in the cash, it seems reluctant Democrats are coming around. As of the beginning of September, more than 40 donors had given at least...

First Time Since April: Obama Outraises Romney

Pulls in $114M to Mitt's $111M

(Newser) - President Obama's campaign outraised Mitt Romney's in August, marking a first since the spring. Obama raised $114 million, just squeaking by Romney's $111 million, Reuters reports. It's a small gap compared to July, when Romney's $101 million dwarfed Obama's $75 million. But Obama's...

Romney's Cash Edge: $62M
 Romney's Cash Edge: $62M 

Romney's Cash Edge: $62M

Democrats raising less, spending more than Republicans

(Newser) - Mitt Romney widened his financial edge over President Obama last month, raising more and spending less as super PACs did much of his dirty work. The Obama campaign and DNC raised a combined $75 million in July, but spent $91 million, the New York Times reports. About $40 million of...

Ryan Not Exactly a Cash Cow for Romney

He may have inspired a lot of new donors, but they haven't given much: analysis

(Newser) - The Romney campaign would like you to believe that picking Paul Ryan as the VP candidate has resulted in a flurry of enthusiastic donations to his cause. The campaign today announced that Romney has raised $10,157,947 online since unveiling his running mate, Politico reports. But Alexander Abad-Santos writes...

Obama's $75M July Haul Short of Romney's—Again

Behind for 3rd straight month

(Newser) - President Obama's campaign raised $75 million in July, it tweeted—some $25 million short of Mitt Romney's haul . That's the third straight month in which Romney has outraised Obama, and Politico notes that Romney could stop fundraising completely and still have $60 million in monthly spending money...

Obama Sets Campaign Spending Record

And that may not be a good thing

(Newser) - The Obama campaign shelled out around $400 million between the beginning of 2011 and June 30 of this year, more than any incumbent in recent history has spent in such a short span, shows a New York Times analysis of Federal Election Commission records. In June alone, Obama spent a...

80% of Campaign Money Wasted: Strategists

'The problem is, we don't know which 80%'

(Newser) - Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are raising unprecedented amounts of money for their presidential campaigns, and most of it won't matter at all, a pair of strategists tell NPR . "You don't need that much money. It's ridiculous," says Republican strategist Mark McKinnon. "I was...

Romney's Super PAC Walloped Obama's in April

Pro-Romney group hauls in millions more

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's super PAC pretty much lapped President Obama's last month, pulling in $4.6 million in April, to Priorities USA Action's $1.6 million. The kicker? That was the smallest haul of the year for the pro-Romney Restore Our Future, Politico reports. April was a particularly...

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