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Edwards Case Hinges on Lone Word: 'The'

Defense: prosecution's argument could allow abortions on campaign's dime

(Newser) - Bill Clinton wondered about the meaning of "is" when talking to the grand jury vis-a-vis Monica Lewinsky in 1998; now John Edwards' defense team is building its case around the word "the," reports ABC News . The statute at the heart of the case refers to campaign cash...

'Bunny' Money Was Gift for Edwards: Lawyer

Rachel Mellon never intended the payments as campaign donations: testimony

(Newser) - Another prosecution witness in the John Edwards trial may have just helped torpedo the prosecution. The lawyer for Rachel "Bunny" Mellon testified today that the billionaire heiress gave Edwards payments as gifts, not campaign contributions, MSNBC reports. Falsely labeled for furniture purchases, the checks were always intended to help...

Obama's $45M Haul in February Trounces January

But it doesn't best his February 2008 total

(Newser) - President Obama's fundraising numbers got a little more impressive last month: He followed up a $29.1 million January with a $45 million February haul. That's almost twice the average amount he scored in the last three months of 2011, and brings this election cycle's total to...

FEC to John Edwards: You Owe $2.1M

Former candidate has to pay Treasury for matching funds

(Newser) - John Edwards owes the US Treasury a couple million dollars, and he has just 30 days to pay it. The Federal Election Commission announced yesterday that Edwards received $2.1 million too much in matching funds from the Treasury during his 2008 Democratic nomination campaign, MSNBC reports. The commission dismissed...

Romney Super PAC Spent 2x What It Raised Last Month

Restore Our Future spent $13.9M in January

(Newser) - Mitt Romney and the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future were big spenders in January, according to the latest campaign filings. Restore Our Future spent $13.9 million in January—mostly on attack ads—and raised less than half that amount during the same period, Politico reports. Romney's campaign...

Obama Raised $29M Last Month
 Obama Raised 
 $29M Last Month 

Obama Raised $29M Last Month

Total haul hits $250M for 2012

(Newser) - President Obama raised a healthy $29.1 million for his campaign and the Democrats last month, bringing his total haul for this election to $250 million. Some 98% of last month's donations were of $250 or less, the campaign said. Nonpartisan analysts said donations of $200 or less made...

Romney Hauls In $24M in Best Quarter Yet

And all those donors are free to give to him again

(Newser) - If Mitt Romney fans wanted even more good news today, here it comes: The frontrunner raised $24 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, his best total yet, bringing his yearly total up to $56 million—of which $19 million is still on hand, the campaign announced today. The LA ...

John Edwards Seeks Trail Delay Due to Mystery Illness
 Edwards Seeks Trial Delay 

Edwards Seeks Trial Delay

Lawyers say former candidate has undisclosed medical condition

(Newser) - John Edwards is suffering from an undisclosed medical condition and will be too sick to stand trial next month, his lawyers say. The former presidential candidate's attorneys filed a motion seeking to have the trial, which was due to begin Jan. 30, pushed back another 60 days, ABC reports....

Special Interests Hold Sway in Judicial Elections: Adam Cohen
 Special Interests 
 Control Our Judges 
study says

Special Interests Control Our Judges

Campaign cash compromises their integrity: Adam Cohen

(Newser) - It’s not just legislative and executive elections that are unfairly influenced by big money. America needs to wake up to the power of special interests in judicial elections, writes Adam Cohen in Time . A new study sees “big business, corporate lobbyists, and trial lawyers” spending cash to get...

Weiner Campaign Still Spending Cash

Spent $130K just after resignation—and he's not the only one

(Newser) - In the three months after he resigned, Anthony Weiner spent $130,000 in campaign funds, FEC data shows—more than what most current US representatives from New York City spent over the same period, the Hill reports. Some $10,000 went to travel, $25,000 to consulting and “policy...

Cain's Campaign Buys $86K of His Own Books

Campaign paying own foundation for autobiography

(Newser) - Herman Cain’s campaign has spent $86,523 buying copies of the candidate’s autobiography and other books—and it’s buying them from Herman Cain THE New Voice, Cain’s own motivational speaking company. “They are buying my books and my pamphlets,” Cain confirmed for Bloomberg, but...

Feinstein Also Hit by 'Madoff of Campaign Treasurers'

Senator the highest profile victim yet for alleged fraudster Kinde Durkee

(Newser) - Dianne Feinstein's campaign was one of those ripped off by an allegedly fraudulent Democratic campaign treasurer, the senator tells the LA Times . Kinde Durkee was arrested on fraud charges two weeks ago, with California Reps. Loretta Sanchez and Susan Davis listed among her alleged victims; Davis dubbed her “...

Time to Stem Tide of Special Interest Campaign Cash
Time to Stem Tide of Special Interest Campaign Cash
alan simpson

Time to Stem Tide of Special Interest Campaign Cash

Special interest groups 'distort elections': Alan Simpson

(Newser) - In 2010, special interest groups and lobbyists in Washington alone gave nearly $300 million to political candidates—"more than the donations of 32 states combined," notes Alan Simpson, writing for Politico . And 2012 is sure to be worse, unless we do something about it—now. Special interest money...

Olbermann Donated to 3 Democrats

'Countdown' host appears to breach NBC ethics rules

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann donated $2,400—the maximum individual contribution—apiece to three Democrats before Election Day, apparently breaking NBC rules, Politico reports. The MSNBC host, who has acknowledged the contributions, gave to two Arizona representatives the day one of them, Raul Grijalva, stopped by his show (the other was Gabrielle...

Dems Slam 'Front Groups'—Then Use Them

Nonprofits' secret donors help fund negative ads

(Newser) - Democrats have hammered Republican “front groups” for paying for negative ads with secret cash—but they themselves are employing a similar maneuver, using money from nonprofits who don’t release their donors’ names to fund their own advertising, reports MSNBC . Dems are thus following Republicans’ lead in using a...

Boehner's Wall-Street Cash Bolsters Tea Party Hopefuls

House Minority Leader spreads business-backed wealth

(Newser) - John Boehner typically gets a healthy dose of campaign cash from Wall Street and blue-chip corporations, and this election season, he’s doling it out to tea party-backed hopefuls. The House Minority Leader has distributed $320,000 to 39 such candidates, suggesting a GOP “stamp of approval” for a...

Christine O'Donnell to GOP: Hellllllllp!

Also, you want to fight?

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell continued her strange tango with the Republican Party today, appearing on ABC to apparently kick the NRSC in the shins, while simultaneously asking it to open up its wallet. "We're hoping that the National Republican Senatorial Committee will help us. But it's two and a half weeks...

O'Donnell to GOP: Hannity's 'in My Back Pocket'

Senate hopeful complains party leaving her in the cold

(Newser) - Feeling sorely underfunded, Christine O’Donnell has warned the GOP she has a secret weapon: She says she’s “got Sean Hannity in my back pocket, and I can go on his show and raise money by attacking you guys,” top Republicans tell Howard Fineman of the Huffington...

O'Donnell: Using Campaign Funds on Rent Is Fine

Candidate blames 'liberal front group' for ethics complaint

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell believes using campaign funds to pay rent on her home is "ethical." She made the comment in response to complaints filed by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which is charging that she treated campaign funds like a personal ATM. The complaint from CREW,...

BP's Biggest Recipient of Cash: Obama

President tops the 20-year list with $77K

(Newser) - Much like the stain of its oil creeping across the Gulf of Mexico, BP's cash flowed freely to politicians inside the Beltway—to the tune of some $3.5 million over two decades, reports Politico in a look at where the oil giant's dollars went. Add to that the $15....

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