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Looks Like It's the End for One of DC's 'Greatest Mysteries'

Per Page Six, Kellyanne and George Conway are divorcing after 22 years of marriage

(Newser) - Page Six calls it "DC's weirdest marriage," and it's certainly one that's had people wondering over the past few years how it has stayed intact. Now, it looks like the cohesion between Kellyanne Conway and George Conway may have finally crumbled, with the news...

Conway Spills on George, Kushner, Trump in New Book

'America will survive. George and I may not,' ex-WH counsel writes in 'Here's the Deal,' out Tuesday

(Newser) - Kellyanne Conway has a new book coming out this week, and one of the people she goes after most is the one she lives with. "I had two men in my life," Conway writes in Here's the Deal, due out from Simon and Schuster on Tuesday, per...

Idol Premiere Features a High-Profile Audition

Claudia Conway will be on Sunday's show

(Newser) - It's official: Claudia Conway will appear on the upcoming season of American Idol, a teaser for which was released Monday. The trailer features Conway, the daughter of former President Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway, introducing herself to judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel...

Conway's Teen Daughter Eyes New Spotlight

Claudia Conway auditions for 'American Idol'

(Newser) - The teen daughter of former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway has been no stranger to the spotlight , and now she's hoping to grab an even bigger one. Claudia Conway, 16, posted a TikTok video about auditioning for the upcoming season of American Idol, reports TMZ . "Hey guys, I'...

Kellyanne Conway's Exit: Family Friction at the Center
As Kellyanne Conway
Exits, Her Teen Chimes In
the rundown

As Kellyanne Conway Exits, Her Teen Chimes In

Chatter over surprise departure continues

(Newser) - A day after her surprise announcement that she was leaving the White House, top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway addressed the issue briefly. "How am I doing? I’m good," she told a reporter outside the White House, per People . "I make my own choices." She also...

On Eve of RNC, a Big Departure Is Announced

Kellyanne Conway leaving White House at the end of the month

(Newser) - One of President Trump's longest-serving and most staunchly loyal aides is out. Kellyanne Conway will exit her role as senior adviser at the end of the month, she announced Sunday night, per the Washington Post . Conway and husband George, well known for his opposition to Trump, "disagree about...

Trump Lashes Out at George Conway After Video

President calls husband of top adviser 'deranged'

(Newser) - George Conway, husband of top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, has been a regular critic of President Trump. But a new anti-Trump video put out by a super PAC co-founded by him seems to have rankled the president unlike any previous Conway jab. On Monday night, Trump wrote among a...

George Conway: 'Friday Night Massacre' Should Be Impeachable

Kellyanne's husband says we might have to impeach the president again

(Newser) - After President Trump's so-called "Friday night massacre," in which he fired two impeachment witnesses plus the twin brother of one of those witnesses, at least one person is suggesting the president be impeached again: George Conway, the famously anti-Trump husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway. The president...

Conways Take Their Trump Divide Public

George refers to impeachment inquiry after Kellyanne mocks Biden

(Newser) - George and Kellyanne Conway have made their opinions of President Trump clear: He can't stand the man, while she is one of his most enthusiastic defenders. While that no doubt makes for some interesting conversations in the Conway household, they have largely refrained from clashing publicly—until now. George...

Nikki Haley, George Conway Are in a Twitter Fight

Former ambassador calls out prominent Trump critic

(Newser) - It's a Twitter fight. This one features former UN ambassador Nikki Haley and George Conway, the increasingly high-profile Trump critic and husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, reports USA Today . The spat began when Conway called Republican congresswoman Elise Stefanik , who has emerged as a staunch critic of the...

Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Wolf Blitzer Over Her Husband

'You embarrassed yourself,' she tells CNN host after he sought reaction to George Conway clip

(Newser) - On Wednesday, George Conway appeared on MSNBC to provide analysis of the first day of the impeachment hearings. The move made a splash because Conway is not only a frequent critic of President Trump but the husband of top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, and he had not made any TV...

A High-Profile Trump Critic Is TV Analyst for Hearings

George Conway, husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, is on MSNBC

(Newser) - If George and Kellyanne Conway have a tough time keeping politics out of their marriage, this won't help. The husband of the top Trump adviser was providing analysis of the impeachment hearing on MSNBC Wednesday. It's "quite the coup" for the network, notes Mediaite , given that George...

Conway Denies Threatening Reporter in Bitter Phone Call

Listen yourself to conversation between Conway, 'Washington Examiner' journalist

(Newser) - A DC journalist says Kellyanne Conway bullied and threatened her on a phone call, and the White House counselor is pushing back. Mediaite reports Conway was miffed about an article in which Washington Examiner reporter Caitlin Yilek wrote about her being considered for the White House chief of staff role...

Kellyanne Gets Heated: 'What Are You, Oprah?'

Chris Wallace asks about her husband on Fox News Sunday

(Newser) - Kellyanne Conway crossed swords with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace over the question that keeps coming up: As Wallace put it, "Why is your husband attacking your boss?" Kellyanne was initially measured in discussing husband George Conway—a "vocal critic" of President Trump, per Rolling Stone —...

Here's What Kellyanne Has to Say About Hubby's Trump Spat

'You air grievances like that in private'

(Newser) - The Conway marriage saga continues: On Thursday, Kellyanne Conway went on Fox Business, where the White House adviser took issue with her husband's very public criticism of her boss, President Trump. "My husband ... has been very critical of the president publicly, which is unlike him," she said,...

George Conway Fires Off 20-Plus Tweets After Trump Insult

Kellyanne's spouse is pushing back after president called him 'husband from hell'

(Newser) - The tiff between President Trump and the spouse of one of his closest advisers took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, and things didn't get any better the next day. The Hill reports that on Wednesday morning, Trump continued his criticism of George Conway, the husband of White...

George Conway's Spat With Trump Gets Worse

President calls husband of his senior aide a 'total loser'

(Newser) - "A total loser!" That was President Trump's response Tuesday to George Conway's pokes at his mental health . The president's three-word tweet linked to another tweet by Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale asserting that Conway was jealous of his wife's success as a senior...

Kellyanne, Husband Disagree on Trump's Mental Health

George Conway thinks POTUS is mentally ill

(Newser) - Kellyanne Conway's husband George, a frequent critic of his wife's employer , suggested Monday that President Trump has a mental disorder. Not so, the top White House counselor told reporters upon her arrival at work. "No, I don't share those concerns," she said, per Politico and...

Trump, 'Totally Cleared'? George Conway Reacts

Kellyanne Conway's husband fires off a missive

(Newser) - "Totally cleared"? That was President Trump's take on news about sentencing recommendations for his ex-attorney, Michael Cohen—but Kellyanne Conway's husband sees it his own way, reports the Huffington Post . To recap: "Totally clears the president. Thank you!" the president tweeted after federal prosecutors...

Eric Trump Slams George Conway's 'Utter Disrespect'

Kellyanne is a 'great person and frankly his actions are horrible,' he tweets

(Newser) - Eric Trump thinks George Conway's constant disagreement with President Trump is one of the ugliest things he's seen in politics. The Trump son—whose father's affair with Marla Maples kept tabloids busy in the early '90s—spoke out Monday at the "utter disrespect" Conway is...

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